Alpaca - eCRM for iGaming operators using real AI

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Alpaca - eCRM for iGaming operators using real AI

Alpaca eCRM is a simple and cloud based retention and user insight system for your business. Use data to keep your users engaged on your platform, not guess work. A secure and user-centric platform, your data always remains on your servers. Alpaca comes with a complete dashboard, putting you in control so you can increase your COA, retention and figure out the abusers from the high value with a few simple clicks. Not only does Alpaca put you in the driving seat of the industry's most powerful system, it does all the hard work for you. So, if you are looking for a secure system that keeps your data private, increases your marketing reach, retains more users, splits abusers from users, boosts sales figures and increases the return on COA… then give us a call.

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What is Alpaca?

Alpaca is a cloud based eCRM system, modular and easy to manage. It is a complete retention system using BI/eCRM and AI to keep your users engaged with your website and increase sales. Using data from your platform, Alpaca retains users on a personal level, it takes the guesswork and pain out of marketing and who to target. Integrated to Dragonfly it can predict the users churn, LTV, abusers and valued users then help identify areas for your marketing to focus on. A multi channel AI driven platform that puts you in the driving seat of your platform, all in one package. This is Alpaca.

Do I need to be technical to use it?

No, in fact it is the complete opposite. The system does everything for you, it measures users activity, plans their schedules and breaks down demographics automatically. All you need to do is feed the machine so it can feed your users.

Is Alpaca fully automated?

Yes, pretty much a fully mechanised and AI driven system using multiple robots to do the heavy lifitng. No need to think, take an insight and act on it. Simple as that.

Multiple Computers - Alpaca Multiple Computers

Alpaca is 100% web browser based. Just sign in with the same email you use when purchasing.

Multiple Computers - Alpaca Access New Features

We are constantly improving and developing Alpaca. You will be notified when new features are ready and released.

Multiple Computers - Alpaca Multiple Operating Systems

You can use Alpaca on your Mac / PC and Linux machine!

Our Modules

User Profiler - Alpaca

User Profiler

This is the core of the Alpaca system. This scores and determines how your business handles users from acquisition to drop off.

LTV Prediction - Alpaca

LTV Prediction

Know a user the moment they sign up, understand if they are here to stay or just out to abuse offers and waste resources.

Churn Prediction - Alpaca

Churn Prediction

Improve your understanding of the users who are most likely to drop off, filter and engage them using the best route in Alpaca.

Bonus Users - Alpaca


Some users come simply for a free bonus. Know immediately if this user is one of them or if they are here to stay.

eCRM - Alpaca


A/B test emails, subject lines, audiences and automate reach to users to get open rates over 25%! get more users back with personalised content too.

VIP Manager - Alpaca

VIP Manager

Know your VIP by behaviour and help them with personalised offers, help, rewards and games. All based on your rules and casino promotions.

SMS - Alpaca


Configure and run retention SMS based on user metrics so your reach can get to users with dead email boxes and to users who prefer an SMS.

Reactivate Calls - Alpaca

Reactivate Calls

Send personalised voice calls to users using Alpaca analytics and let the system increase retention with a simple low cost call.

Game Recommendations - Alpaca

Game Recommendations

Promote the games that engage a user to that user, on a per user basis. Alpaca allows you to reach users with something they enjoy.

About Us

About - Alpaca

Alpaca is our eCRM, extended customer retention manager. First developed back in 2018, the system blew industry standards out the water. If we only focus on email, we proved our open rates over fifteen percent, and this was 2018! Since then we have added voice calls, push notifications, SMS, analytics and reporting.

But the team behind Alpaca eCRM were not finished, they have developed Dragonfly AI, the "Software As A Service" artificial intelligence solution that learns and manages users on a one to one relationship. A modern system for the iGaming industry.

With an ever increasing demand for AI in the iGaming sector, Alpaca uses smart technology to increase the value of your users. As iGaming companies face advertising restrictions making increases in player numbers ever harder, retention is a key metric to ROI as is reducing the amount of bonus costs you incur. By optimising the customer journey and increasing users activity, we have shown our platform is essential to any iGaming operator.

Alpaca uses Dragonfly as the data cruncher and analytics platform driving your platform. Using multiple layered AI to provide iGaming companies with efficient analytics and competition beating intelligence, we have increased marketing efficiency, decreased bonus levels, improved true cost of acquisition and helped managers understand where to focus their efforts to optimize sales effect.

We still have not mentioned the predictive side of Alpaca, the way we constantly learn from new data and how we lower your churn rates, analise who is a bonus only user, identify early VIP users and long term VIP users, avoid depositor overloading and so much more. Stop guessing and start making smart business decisions with precision and intelligence.