Mortgage over pay calculator

Some mortgages allow you to over pay each month. You will be amazed how a small increase will reduce the length of the loan and the total interest paid. Use this calculator to see what reductions can be made. Over payment must be greater than 1% of loan to get sensible figures.

How much is your mortgage?

What is the interest rate?

How long is your mortgage?

How much can you over pay a month
per month

Original mortgage information
Payment per month =
Mortgage length = years
Total interest paid =

With over payment per month
Payment per month =
Mortgage length = year(s) & month(s)
Total interest paid =

Your mortgage would be paid:
year(s) & month(s) early
You would save in interest

these values are estimates as mortgage terms can vary so should only be used as a rough guide. You should contact your mortgage supplier to see their exact terms.