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Planning your money

The first thing before you start to sort out your finances is to be prepared to actually look at your finances. People are scared to look. We have all done it. You spend too much one month and you don't want to check your bank account! From now on you need to be logging on to your bank online every day and just look what is happening.

Seven things to do & remember

File all your bank statements each month. Buy a folder and put them in order with out fail every month. You need a record of what you are spending

Use online banking and check your account often. Get used to looking and seeing what is happening

Saving a few pounds a week makes a difference! Save 1 a day on lunch at work saves 5 a week or 260 a year. Find 5 things to save on and you have 1300!

Be perpared to think short, medium and long term. You can do somethings now to make an impact but have longer term goals. Don't just live for today! People say 'life is too short', well they are wrong, life is the longest thing you will ever do!

Money makes money. The more you have spare the more you make. For example, buy a second house to rent out. Let the rent pay the mortgage and in ten years you could sell up and take a capital again (assuming prices rise).

Minimise the use of credit and debit cards. It is hard to keep track of how much you have spent in a week. You know what happens, you look at your bank balance and it is lower than you thought, you think there must be a mistake. You add everything up and of course it is right! Try taking your weekly budget out of the cash machine and then leave the card alone. You know exactly how much you have left as you can see it in your wallet or purse. This is a great tip to avoid over spending and makes you think more about the value of money.

Don't bank on a change in luck. People are convinced they are going to win the lottery and all their money problems will be solved over night. The UK lottery has a 1 in 14 million change of getting the jackpot, if you pay for 70 years then to have 70 in 14 million or 1 in 200000. This is about the same life time odds as being struck by lightning or spotting a UFO. Think realistically at all times!

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