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Control your finances with our calculators. Get on top of your credit card or see how much you can save by over paying your mortgage. We have lots of ways to help you manage your money. All our calculators work for $ &

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We trust you will find our calculators and articles helpful. Most people avoid looking at their finances in detail which is just crazy! Make sure you have everything under control and life is a lot less stressful.

Loan Calculator

Work out the total cost and compare different load rates.

Mortgage Calculator

What difference a mortgage between 5.78% and 6.25% makes? Use the calculator to find out.

Credit Card Calculator

How long will it take to clear your card or what do you need to pay?

Mortgage Over Pay Calculator

You can save a lot of money if you over pay your mortgage, try this calculator.

Personal Finance Planner

Use this planner to make sure you don't over spend. Also use it to making savings.

How does a UK pension work?

Read our simple guide on how a pension works. Hopefully we make it easy for you.

UK Pension Calculator

Are you paying enough into your pension? Use this calculator to find the answer!

Loan Information

Some useful information about the type of loans you can get.

Website Valuation Calculator

Use our free calculator to estimate the value of your website. It looks at many factors.

Manage your Money

Seven great tips and ideas to manage your income and money.

Mortgage Information

Useful facts and information about mortgages. Click to find out more.

Insurance Information

Useful facts and information about insurance. Click to find out more.
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